Game Over Video Games Proposed Logo



Game Over Videogames, Inc. is an independent chain of retro-focused video game stores dedicated to the love of classic video games, systems, and accessories from Atari to Xbox. Game Over buys, sells, and trade all used video games, and in the process, give gamers a top quality, one stop shop for all of their classic gaming needs. Sometimes they host store events, tournaments, and video game themed collectibles, t-shirts, plushies, soundtracks, and more. 




An opportunity for a proposed logo redesign. Game Over Videogames is currently using their own name along with a simple joystick controller as their logo. For this new logo, there must be an icon included that represents gaming such as a cross key which is one of the main controls of gaming. The style guide will be retro and pixelated which I will use for the title "Game Over Videogames" since that's what their business is all about.